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Long-time Audifans.com tip regarding reinstalling rack banjo bolts:  Wrap a
length of cord around the bolt near its head so that when you pull on it it
turns in (cord coming off the top of the bolt).  Put the bolt in place,
pull the cord and it'll start into the threads.  Works best if the cord is
fairly "grippy" and strong.

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I recently wrangled with the similar bolt on a V8q.  I ended up using a
straw with a string pushed through it, wrapped around the bolt just under
the head and was able to get the bolt started in the threads after several
attempts to learn some new dexterity.


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Wow, no joke.  Spent a good long time last night attempting to get the banjo

bolt back in...
Had to leave it alone for another try today.
What a PITA.
Maybe my wife's small hands?
BTW, taking it off was easy with a "gear wrench"

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> And, bolting it back on is even worse! That's why I use Spokane house 
> of hose. They put swivel fittings on the ends, and you can just put 
> the end on the rack first, then the rest of the hose on that. BTDT 
> both ways, it's about ten times easier with the swivels. And, they are 
> not very expensive at all.
> Tony
> On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 8:31 PM, Austin Calise <yoda_audi at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
>> Nat, cheapest place would be germanautoparts.com be well aware that
>> unbolting said hose from the rack is a nightmare.
>> HTH's Austin
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