Loose ball bearings by flywheel?

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 First I doubt it's the pilot bearing, there is really no way those bearings could work loose and I believe they're tapered. 

You may as well change the whole deal when you're in there, particularly if it's got some miles and you plan on keeping it. The whole deal would be clutch disc/pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, rear main seal, clutch master cylinder, at a minimum those are what I'd change. You don't need a new flywheel unless yours is messed up [it will need to be resurfaced at a machine shop]. I replaced my clutch, etc. this summer, if you'd like a list of parts I replaced let me know [I replaced many seals, shifter parts, etc.]

It's a tough job, 7-9 on the 10 scale. Lots of stuff to take down, driveshaft, half-shafts, etc. This is a heavy tranny, you'll need another set of hands at times and really good floor jack.

Do you live in the Milwaukee, Wi. area?




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Thanks for all the ideas. Does this mean that I will need a new clutch or
flywheel? Also, how hard is that to change by yourself as I can't afford to
take it to a dealer.


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> I think it is the clutch trust bearing.
> Claus
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>  Hey everyone. I was checking out to see if the cps pin on my flywheel was
>> broken and when I pulled out the starter to look through the hole at the
>> flywheel, these small metal balls came out. They had grease on them and
>> when
>> I poked around inside i could see and feel some small sharp pieces of
>> metal.
>> Did some bearing explode or something? Here is a pic of the balls and are
>> next to a lighter for reference. http://i38.tinypic.com/2yum6md.jpg . BTW
>> the car won't start but would crank over and get fuel.
>> Thanks
>> Mike
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