Loose ball bearings by flywheel?

Mike xthejuicex at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 21:17:33 PDT 2009

Wow that is not what I wanted to hear heh. Thank you for giving me all that
info though. I do not want to get rid of this car as I just bought it about
6 months ago.

Is this a job I can do myself? I have done some small jobs before on my
jeep: radiator, ps pump, water pump, locking diff, etc, but do I need
anything special. I have 4 jack stands and a floor jack to lift it but will
that be high enough?

Also, what sites do you recommend for me to get these parts from. I am
planning on chiping and doing some other mods to it eventually so I would
consider getting some upgraded parts.

I have the Bentley manuals for it so hopefully I can follow it and not mess
anything up.

Thanks everyone,

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 10:13 PM, Ben Swann <benswann at verizon.net> wrote:

> Mike,
> You need new throuwout/clutch release (Thrust) bearing.  Parts being cheap
> compared to labor, you should do it all:
> Clutch Disk;  Pressure Plate; Flywheel - assess and R/R as needed with new
> pin(s); release bearing bushing/slider; throwout bearing yoke ( a hole
> starts to machine in these; clutch slave cylinder ( and probably master is
> good to do to, but can do later);  drain and refill transmission oil; any
> other clutch wear parts and always replace those fasteners - flywheel and
> pressure plate  bolts.
> The job is not cheap - parts are probably in order of $400-500 and the
> labor ranges to dealer cost around $900.  I would do it myself, or find some
> enthustiast to do it right and pay to have done right.  Many shops will do
> minimum necessary, so almost better to find a reputable private individual
> who will be methodical, clean and assess other jobs to be done while in
> there.
> It may seem like a lot and the false economics IMO is to say it isn't worht
> it since the book valu on the car isn't always that high.  However, see how
> lmuch service the original got. Also by rolling jobs together, you may save
> money in the long run.
> If you can afford upgrades now is the time - do suspension; shocks,
> bushings, etc. if pulling the trans, or replace turbo lines, engine mounts,
> timing belt if pulling engine from front.  I generally let the "other
> things" help dictate  which way to proceed, since either way is a big
> expensive PITA.
> Also, you may use logic to buy another car with the money taken to do these
> repairs, but how do you know that it won't happen on that car.   If you do
> decide to ditch the car, you know the engine is worth over $2K - but someone
> still has to pull it.  Don't fall victim to false economics - we've had
> enough of that lately!
> Case in point - My avant had the bearing let go at 119k which is pretty low
> compared to several others I have with over 200K on the clock and had not
> needed a clutch yet.  So you just don't know the day or the hour;-}
> Ben
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> Thanks for all the ideas. Does this mean that I will need a new clutch or
> flywheel? Also, how hard is that to change by yourself as I can't afford to
> take it to a dealer.
> -Mike]

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