Loose ball bearings by flywheel?

Nick Lawrence nick at beol.net
Tue Sep 29 07:46:52 PDT 2009

> I don't think you will have to change other wear-able things than the
> clutch-plate and the clutch-trust bearing of course unless there are 
> damage
> on the clutch-fingers.

        I pulled my '90 200tqa trans for what I thought was release bearing 
noise.  The release bearing was visibly good and turned by habd without bind 
or roughness,  however the ends of the fingers were worn to near the limits 
spelled out in the Bentley, this occured in about 120k miles.
        The noise was the pilot bearing,  it had mostly turned to dust!  So 
yep, they can wear as well.

> On 3b and Ur-quattro's with 016 gearbox, the pilot bearing is a needle
> bearing pressed into the end of the crank and I don't think they wear.
> Claus
> 200 20V Avant 90
> Urq 83, 549 Hp


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