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You have to pull the steering wheel, but you don't need a puller.  Just a
rather large socket to remove a nut holding the wheel on.  You need to
remove two torx head screws from the back of the wheel to get the airbag
out of the way.  Remove the trim around the steering column with two
Phillips screws from below.  Then you can reach in and separate the airbag
connector (it's red).  The large nut (something like 25 mm, if I recall
correctly) comes off and you should be able to just jerk the wheel loose. 
I try to mark the inside of the wheel and the steering shaft so I can put
the wheel back on straight.  Watch for the spring that shuts off the turn
signal when you go to replace the wheel.  With the wheel and trim out of
the way, loosen the Phillips screw you can get to wit a driver angled in
from toward the console, and you'll be able to slide the switches assembly
off once the wiring is disconnected.  You have to take both sides out and
then you can separate them so you can install the new switch.

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Subject: correct steering wheel puller

hi all,

my right turn signal only buzzes. I've swapped all the bulbs - doesn't
matter. i've sprayed contact cleaner on the multifunction stalk. works
sometimes - but goes back to buzzing sooner or later.

i bought a known working stalk. what is the correct steering wheel puller
to buy so i can replace the stalk?

or is there some magic way to swap stalks without pulling the steering


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