[20v] Cold running problems, needs help please?

Peter subscriptions at globalape.com
Fri Dec 12 12:18:57 EST 2003

I would guess it might be one of your temp sensors, the one that tells 
the computer how much fuel to send to the engine based on temperature.  
This one should be very close to the block if not on it.

The fact that 2 cyl's are affected could be that they have dirty spark 
plugs or have lower compression or your ignition cables are old and are 
shorting not giving the 2 cyls the correct power for a good spark...


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Mark at cr-x.org wrote:

>As of yesterday my coupe has started the following symptoms,
>When started cold the engine runs fine for 15-20 seconds, then for no reason
>it stumbles onto 3 cyls. No matter how many times i turn it on/off it will
>not fire the other 2 cyls. After 5mins of so running just when the water
>temp gauge starts to move it recovers and runs smooth on all 5 cyls again.
>Any ideas?
>When its running on three cyls it stinks of sunburnt fuel, so there is fuel
>getting in there. Both times i unpluged/repluged all HT and sensor
>connections to no avail.
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