[20v] Coolant Light

Kevin Ould kevinould at axcessnet.net
Sat Feb 14 15:35:17 EST 2004

Hi All,

My coolant light has started to flash in my CQ. It just started out of 
the blue the other night while cruising around. At first I panicked 
thinking I had blown a hose and dumped all my coolant. A quick survey of 
the gauges didn't show anything alarming at all. Normal water temp, 
normal oil pressur and temp. So I continued cruising until I found 
somewhere to pull into and have a look. Checked the overflow tank and 
she looked full up. So at this point I am thinking it is the level 
sensor in the resevoir. as I tried to add a bit more coolant today just 
to see if the idiot light would quit blinking at me. Now I have it 
pretty much as full as it will go and the light is still blinking. Any 
ideas? My money is on the level sensor since the temp gauge is working 
properly and reading normal temps. How hard is the sensor to change? Cheap?

Thanks in advance.


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