[20v] cq window no rising...

david at mountaindome.com david at mountaindome.com
Sun Mar 21 14:21:55 EST 2004

    Have you tried swapping out and switching BOTH switches, My Audi 90
    does that from time to time but I can always get it to go down(or up)
    evenually (although my wife wasnt pleased when we were at the Oregon
    Coast during a rain storm and it failed to roll up).  Anyway exchange
    BOTH switches with known good ones and see if that helps.  (cheap and
1990 90 20v

> The patient's a '90 cq.
> A few days ago, when parking the car to display it for sale, I could
> open the passenger window would but not lower it.
> This is the case using the either switch on the driver's door or the
> passenger's door.
> Bentley suggest checking the
> No window lift motor noise when I try to raise the window, so I'm
> guessing it not bad lift cables, tight?
> Any great (read: cheap) ideas?  <foolish laughter>
> TIA!
> ~ Doug
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