[20v] oil pressure warning light at temperature

ari humboldt arihumboldt at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 30 13:09:07 EDT 2004

hi all - 
i'm getting the oil pressure warning light (the little oil can) on my cq - but the symptoms don't match what i've seen in the archive. here is what is happening:
car starts with no warnings. the warning only comes on if the car idles until warm enough to turn the fan on. if i then drive the car and accelerate, the warning turns off, but then returns when the car goes back to idle for a couple of seconds (at a stop sign for instance). 
my pressure guage doesnt work... so i can't verify pressure, but the oil level is fine. in the archives it looks like the sender for the pressure warning (on the high end) and the guage are part of the same unit - so does list wisdom think that this sender is shot or is there a problem lurking elsewhere? also, the problem exists both running 10w30 and 15w50.
thanks for any help,

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