[20v] 200 Auto Tranny into a 5000T

Lance Kelly lance at etheric.net
Tue Aug 23 21:37:37 EDT 2005

I have a 1986 Audi 5000 Turbo with a dead Auto transmission that I just 
had (within the last year) "rebuilt" at an "expert" transmsiion shop in 
Phoenix Arizona. It arrived with the mainshaft installed backwards for 
which I had to pay 5 extra hours to my mechanic to correct. Once 
installed it only had 1st and 3rd gears. To make a long story short, I 
had to eat it on this repair, with 3rd gear finally becoming ususable 
(slipping badly).
My question is, can I install an Auto Trans from a 1990 200 Audi? I have 
access to a car with a good tranny that has all the parts to make the 
conversion if this is doable. Thanks

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