[20v] new member

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 17:15:03 EST 2005

Hi all,

If there's anyone on this list, I thought I'd post that I just got a
Coupe quattro.  It's an early build, 1990, with the tube header and
old style ISV valve.  Black on black leather.  I'm really liking it. 
Near term plans include a short shifter and window tint.  Longer term
plans are to put in a 3B, but that's another list. =)

The car is great with just a handful of issues.  The drivers seatback
doesn't move with the switches.  The water temp gauge is intermittent
and I have a new MFTS on order.  I fixed a high idle that was a
misadjusted switch and throttle stop.  There is some kind of looseness
or clunking when unloading or loading the rear drivetrain.  The blower
motor seems to be shot, and I don't think the rear defrost switch is
working.  Other than that, it seems perfect and I'm enjoying it more
each day I drive it.

If anyone has any thoughts on the power seat fix, please let me know. 
That seat has been reupholstered, so that could perhaps be related to
the failure.



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