[20v] rear brakes

spcole@mn.rr.com spcole at mn.rr.com
Sat Sep 3 12:49:27 EDT 2005

I have a kit in development for the fronts but am waitting for the
completion of an engine swap to complete the braking system.  I am going
to be using 323mm by 31.8mm rotors and 4 piston calipers in front to
handle the extra wheels and tires and the almost doubled Hp coming from
its new 3.6L powerplant.  I have heard that the v8 rears are a vented
version of the cq's rears and are the 5by 112 bolt pattern.  If this is
the case then that is what i will be putting on the rears of my Cq so it
has more brakes front and rear to handel all of its 300Hp.  If you know
wheather that is the case please let me know.

Thanks Sean

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