[20v] My 90q20v

Jay Mallison jaymallison at msn.com
Thu Oct 12 16:55:04 EDT 2006

Hey guys, I've been lurking on here for the last couple months since I got my 90q20v. I've been hard at work on it since I bought it as it was in some serious need of TLC. So far I have added/replaced/repaired: - H&R springs/kyb shocks- UrQ front strut mounts/bearings- Patched exhaust, replaced hangers- Added K&N drop in air filter (didn't have a filter when I got it - eek)- Replaced injectors with 034 Injector kit- Replaced 02 sensor- Cleaned ISV (twice)- Replaced window motor/regulator on rear drivers door- Replaced shift knob- Made my own short shifter by disabling the reverse lockout (shifts are so sweet now)- Re-wired headlights to be relayed instead of going through the switch- Jumpered the fogs so they operate separate from the headlights- Installed genuine Hella E-Code H4 headlights- New OEM motor/tranny mounts, and 034 poly rear diff mount- Removed the headlight washers, as one of them didn't work anyways
- lots of work on the cruise control, still trying to get it to work. As you can see I've been busy busy busy... lolI still have a couple of things I'm missing/needing for the car. I dunno if any of you may have old parts laying around you'd be willing to part with.
- I need a TPS - the lovely 4 prong hitachi type. My build date is 10/89... the screws came out of the old tps and it fell on the manifold and burned a hole through it. So my car doesn't know when I'm at WOT- The front plastic grill that fits between the fog lights on the bumper, mine is just completely missing.- Spare tire toolkit, again just completely missing. I have the jack and the tire, but no tools.- Metal drive gear for the distributor, mine rattles like mad, so annoying 
Thanks guys! Jay 

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