[20v] New (to me) '91 Coupe Quattro

J.B. Hebert jhebert at wrxtra.com
Wed Dec 12 09:05:04 PST 2007

I scoured 20v.org for several days prior to purchasing the car and it 
appears to have a lot of good info.

Once I get the doors apart and see what is going on with the 
regulators I may or may not need replacements.  I'm crossing my 
fingers on that, but if I do, is that something you might have used?



At 07:48 AM 12/12/2007, Mark Wetzel wrote:

>A '91 is a bit different than a '90. Things like the ISV, exhaust and a
>number of other things are still there but implemented with different parts.
>The timing belt is a big issue since if it breaks, you're done. Go to
>20v.org for all sorts of details on the 20v specifically. The suspension is
>going to be a little different too. The control arms are updated. Being a CQ
>a lot of the body/interior/bumper parts are going to be different as well.
>Some things will be very obvious, but others not. Make SURE whenever you
>order a part you specify it's a CQ and you know the VIN# since there are
>many build related changes during production. Even with that, given the
>opportunity look at the part before you order it to make sure it's the right
>If you're looking for parts, I've probably got them, although a lot of the
>parts that typically go are getting harder to come by. Many are NLA.
>Mark Wetzel
>M.Wetzel's Racing Products LLC
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>A couple of firsts for me.  First time posting to this list, and the
>first time owning a 20v Audi.  I just picked up a '91 Coupe Quattro
>that I will be overhauling for use as a daily driver.  I have an '89
>90 Quattro, so I'm used to working on these cars, but the 20v is new
>for me.  Besides the obvious (timing belt, full fluid/filter change,
>plugs/wires/cap/rotor, brakes), is there anything I should be looking
>at on this car?  I know the car needs some work, with some minor
>annoying leaks and at least on window regulator that needs attention,
>but I couldn't pass it up for the money.  It drives well, with good
>power and no odd noises except the exhaust hitting the axle shaft,
>which some new donuts should take care of.
>Any info would be appreciated.
>J.B. Hebert
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