[20v] '91 Coupe Overhaul - Question #2

J.B. Hebert jhebert at wrxtra.com
Sat Dec 15 19:56:59 PST 2007

I was under the impression that all 5 cylinder cars had two 
radiators; the primary offset radiator with the cooling fan and A/C 
condensor, and the smaller auxiliary behind the grill.  The coupe I 
just picked up does not have the auxiliary radiator; it is 
bypassed.  I was ready to make disparaging remarks about whatever 
previous owner bypassed it instead of replacing it, but upon looking 
in the Bently manual the pictures make it look like the aux. radiator 
was perhaps optional?  The couplings in the hoses are dotted lines 
instead of solid, and it doesn't show a picture of it.  Was the 
second radiator an option?  If not, does anyone have a spare in good 
shape they'd be willing to part with?  The best price I can find is 
$147 for a new unit.

Thanks again,


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