[20v] The shopping list

J.B. Hebert jhebert at wrxtra.com
Fri Dec 21 07:30:48 PST 2007

Just ordered the following for the '91 CQ makeover:

1 Water Temperature Sender
1 Distributor Rotor
1 Distributor Cap
5 Spark Plugs
1 Oxygen Sensor
4 Oil Filters
10 Drain Plug Crush Washers
1 Timing Belt
1 Camshaft Seal
1 Crankshaft Seal
1 Accessory Drive Belt
1 Accessory Drive Belt
1 Accessory Drive Belt
3 Exhaust Mount Donuts
1 Radiator Hose Upp.
1 Radiator Hose L
1 Radiator Hose Int.
1 Thermostat
1 Water Pump Gasket
2 Strut Mounts F
4 Control Arm Bushings F
4 Control Arm Bushings R
2 Tie Rod Ends F
2 Rotors F
2 Rotors R
1 Brake Pads F
1 Brake Pads R
4 Caliper Slide Boot Kits

With any luck, this will get the car (mechanically) close to 100% so 
I can get it inspected and start driving it.  Then I can start 
picking away at the little things.

I'll keep the list posted on my progress.


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