[20v] Bleeding the brakes - Help please!

gstroe at cogeco.ca gstroe at cogeco.ca
Sun Dec 30 15:09:10 PST 2007

Sorry guys but I'm at a loss in finding the proportioning valve. I had a problem with a seized rear caliper (right side)
replaced it and now have trouble bleeding the brakes (nothing new, I knew this car is tricky from this point of view).
Bled the master cylinder (there are two bleed screws under the reservoir) no fluid coming from either of the rear
calipers (have not checked the fronts but it appears there is brake on them, the pedal does not go to the floor). I
looked under the car, there is one brake line coming from the front, then a splitter without any bleed (and fairly
rusted), from this splitter there is one line going to the rear left and one to the rear right. Thanks a lot,


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