[20v] 90 CQ buyers guide

Rory [Armodis.List] armodis.list at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 03:16:23 EST 2007

Hello 20v,

I'm interested in picking up a 90 CQ for my girl and I'm wondering if
there is a buyers guide reference around.  If not what does one look
out for on the 90 CQ?  How does the electrical hold up?  Are the
problems and respective solutions generally known, or should one just
pass on something with an existing electrical problem (check engine
lights and such) ?  Seems some people have problems getting the A/C to
work.  Is that typical?  The 4000s have an extensive treatment to the
body from what I'm told.  Is that also the case with the 90s?  Is rust
a serious problem once it starts?  The 90 CQs seem to be pretty loaded
from the get go.  Is there anything besides the adjustment and
materials of the seats that are options to look for?  Can you turbo
the motor, or do you have to swap if you want to get more juice?  If
most people swap, what motors do people usually go with?  How is the
acceleration and handling in comparison to the 4kq?  Is there any

Any links to people's project 90 CQs would be great.  We're trying to
get an idea of what it takes to make the car everything it can be
(short of being a $25k S2 =)

Thanks for the info, much appreciated,

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