[20v] Lots of hesitation

Groebner, Gary E. (TT) GEGroebner at traveltags.com
Thu Nov 15 09:03:58 PST 2007

Quite often my 91 coupe will start to hesitate badly.

I have just done the following:

-	replaced all five injectors (remanufactured)
-	replaced fuel filter
-	replaced fuel pump
-	replaced a couple of spark plug wires that were bad.

Yesterday at highway speed it was missing so bad that the car actually
slowed to the point where I pulled off the highway and it stalled. I
finally got it started and I nursed it home. The next day it started
just fine and seems to be ok right now.

Is there any thing else that could be causing the hesitation?

Gary E. Groebner
Account Manager
Travel Tags - Xtreme Graphics
gegroebner at traveltags.com

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