[20v] no spark/start codes&questions

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Check the hall sensor first – the others depend upon the hall signal and can also be
genned if not cranking fast enough.  Hall sensor bad can result in all three.  Run diag.
check in bently – procedure tell how to tel if Hall is switching from “in window” 0-.5V
to “out of window” ~4.5V.

Also, you probably already checked this, but double verify that the hall distributor is
dead middle of window when at TDC as verified on both flywheel and Cam Sprocket.  

You may also be on the right track in suspecting flywheel sensors are bass-ackwards.
That will give some sort of code and no fire, but not sure what codes exactly, but
definitely in the combination of the three you got.  I’ve even seen the knock sensor get
mixed up with one of the flywheel sensors, and the wire colors inside the sheath of the
flywheel sensors are same color for both, making it hard to determine which is which.  

I’ll see if I can find a harness showing which sensor is gray and which is black –
pulled my 7A engine, so may not be able to.


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looking for help diagnosing a pre march 90 coupe.

Im getting codes 2111(crank speed), 2112(crank position) and 2114(hall) in that order.

I set TDC, aligned the rotor to the dist. notch, and resistance between pins
1&2 of both position and speed sensors are at ~1k ohms

the car recently received a new ignition coil and speed sensor.  when everything is
hooked up in its original(to me) setup it cranks fine but wont spark&fire.

Could someone confirm which harness is color coded to which crank sensor?
and what values are good to see from the distributor&sensors?

the pin is definitely in the flywheel, I cannot vouch for flywheel teeth.

When I swapped sensor harnesses the car fires for one second and immediately stalls.

&.. do the codes clear after the 4 long flashes? or?

thank you.


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Hmmm, have to think about this one. All of you sensors are coding... Darn,
which I had the manual here. Gotta be something common to all three. 


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