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I really have no idea what the going price for the S8s are, but regarding the t/b service he mentioned that it was done because the thermostat was bad and while there he just did it all.

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Interesting price point Marc.  I now you have nothing to do with it or him
but the price on //S8s really has tanked.  I bought my '03 //S8
(Ming/Platinum same as Mr. Butler's) with 62K miles and an extended warranty
(albeit only until 1/2009) for $26K.  Timing belt service if done by the
book based on miles is way premature.  Book specs 105K miles.  Would
certainly be a question prospective buyers should ask.


P.S.  These are going for high teens to low 20s now.

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Been meaning to pass this along.? The gentleman I bought my former '93 urS4
from back in 1998 recently contacted me saying he's selling his current
ride.? The info I have is below.? I have never seen the car and have no
other interest in it?besides hoping it?goes to a good home.? I can say that
when I bought the urS from him it was in excellent condition, well
maintained, and pretty well pampered (i.e. garaged, washed/waxed regularly).

2003 S8, "Audi Exclusive" model.?Ming Blue with?silver gray seats and black
carpet.? 61k miles with?Audi Platinum extended warranty good until?April
2011 or 95k miles.??Timing belt, thermostat, and?"accompanying?equipment"
recently replaced.? 60k service?done.? Asking $30k with warranty, $28k
without.? Contact Bob Butler at 410-771-1511 or MNBButler at aol.com.


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