[20v] Dropping Rear Drive Shaft

Brian Pleet bpleet at telusplanet.net
Sat Dec 27 05:24:13 PST 2008

After several years I decided to do the "simple" task of replacing 
the leaking right rear differential seal on my 90 90q20v. I raised 
the right wheel, removed the 6 bolts but could not "drop" the axle 
because the shaft caught on the lip of the flange. A crowbar to the 
rear centre differential mount gave me enough clearance to get it 
out. In the process, the bearings in the CV joint fell out.

Now I can't get the shaft back in using the same technique. Questions;
* will lowering or raising either side give me more clearance
* should I remove or lift the exhaust pipe above the flange to give 
more clearance from the top
* should I remove the drive shaft on the wheel side or otherwise 
creat some clearance
* do I need to completely clean the CV joint before reassembly and 
adding grease?

Suggestions most welcome.


90 90q20V
95.5 S6
02 TT Roadster

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