[20v] Bleeding the brakes - Help please!

George gstroe at cogeco.ca
Tue Jan 1 00:22:58 PST 2008

Hi again, anybody who can help with this one? I have brake, pedal is high
where it normaly sits, fronts are OK, rear right is holding (cannot turn the
wheel by hand when the brake pedal is depressed), rear left will turn
slightly (ended up by replacing both rear right and left calipers with
remanufactured), when bleeding the rears at first there is a burst of liquid
just the way it should be and then nothing no matter how much I pump the
brake pedal to build pressure in the system. The pedal will go low but not
all the way to the floor; if I leave it sit for a few minutes it will firm
up by itself. I've even tried to suck the air out using an air suction pump
connected to the rear brake bleeder, still no luck (liquid comes out with
bubbles of air).


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> Sorry guys but I'm at a loss in finding the proportioning valve. I had a
problem with a seized rear caliper (right side)
> replaced it and now have trouble bleeding the brakes (nothing new, I knew
this car is tricky from this point of view).
> Bled the master cylinder (there are two bleed screws under the reservoir)
no fluid coming from either of the rear
> calipers (have not checked the fronts but it appears there is brake on
them, the pedal does not go to the floor). I
> looked under the car, there is one brake line coming from the front, then
a splitter without any bleed (and fairly
> rusted), from this splitter there is one line going to the rear left and
one to the rear right. Thanks a lot,
> George
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