[20v] Spare 15" emergency wheel

George gstroe at cogeco.ca
Tue Jan 1 00:30:32 PST 2008

If anybody has a spare 15" wheel and is willing to part with it I am looking
for one (I am looking for the narrow width emergency spare wheel not the
normal size). I have 15" wheels on the car and a 14" spare, obvioulsy not
very good in case I need the spare. I am basically hoping to find someone in
the Toronto or Hamilton area, Ottawa is good too, Kingston (ON), anybody
along the 401 between Toronto and Brockville, Montreal could work, Niagara
Peninsula, London (ON), Buffalo, Detroit, even Philly could be an option (I
do go to Trenton, NJ, from time to time). If anybody has one please contact
me off list. Thank you,

gstroe at cogeco.ca

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