[20v] Rear Brake Upgrade

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 19:53:53 PST 2008

I just picked up a CQ but the rear caliper is leaking where the E-Brake
Actuator shaft pokes through.  I'm balancing my options.
1) Replace with new Stock Caliper.  If I do I'd likely do both rears, and
get new Pads/Rotors at the same time.

2) Put Vented rears on from a 91 200tq, or V8.

3) Put the Ur-Q rears on from my UR-Q and then put vented rotors on it.

Does anyone know if the rear Calipers on a CQ are the same as either the 4kq
or the 5ktq rears?   5ktq and 4kq rears are different BTW.

I know the V8 and 91' 200 use the same Caliper and Carrier.  But they use
different rotors with different offsets.  Does anyone know what this offset
difference is?  IE...which one has a deeper offset tophat and by how much?

Does anyone know what differs on the S4/S6 vented rears.  Are these the same
as the V8 or do they differ even more.  Does the S4 use the same Caliper?
Different rotor or same rotor as V8?

Does anyone have any good used CQ rears available if I want to go the cheap



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