[20v] CQ & urq Rear brake upgrade & Comparison

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 18:25:48 PST 2008

I posted this a little while ago to just the 20v list. I'm still confused.
This is in two parts.  1 is urq.  2 is CQ.

For UR-Q, it seems the upgrade path would be
-V8/S4 Rotors
- V8/S4/200 20v  Calipers & Carriers.
QUESTION:  If I'm runing 4kq rear hubs, how does this effect it?  The 4kq
rear hubs and rotors have a lot less offset than ur-q rotors.  Is there a
rotor that would work in this scenario?

But for a 91' CQ what would it be?  I know the rotors would have to be
redrilled if I"m not using 5-bolt hubs.  That's no big deal.
OR...Alternatively, can I put my ur-q Rear Calipers on the CQ and then
upgrade the UR-Q which will have significantly more power?

I guess the real question here is WHAT rear calipers are directly swappable
with the CQ rears.  All the 5ktq/200/4kq/5ktq  etc rears are basically the
same rear caliper but they are not all swappable due to different E-brake
mechanisms, orientations, etc.

A) What caliper cold I replace my bad CQ Drivers Rear with if I wanted to
just get it back on the road.

B) What combination would I need to upgrade to the Vented Setup.


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