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Yes indeed pulling a good one off is tricky. I broke one in a feeble attempt
myself. I wouldn't be worried about breaking the old glass, but I broke the
retainers in the mirror, not good. There is a thin pry-tool to do it. I
thought I made a good one, but I guess not. My friend works for a VW dealer
and is pretty good w/Audi's. I took my new mirror glass to him he pulled it
in. By the time I went to the front to talk to my other friends he walked up
and handed me the keys. I guess you need the magic touch.


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Hi Marc!  How cool that you got Tom's fabulous S2.  Such a cool car.  I'm

I just dealt with some exterior mirror issues on my daily driver.  When I
got it, the driver's side was a bit "loose"  I ignored it until last week,
when I came out from work to find it dangling from the heating element
wires.  I learned that unlike Type 85's, the CQ has about 8 little plastic
clips that grab onto a plastic ring, which is in turn moved by to the
electric motors.  My clips were broken, so there was nothing to hold the
mirror to the ring.

I called my regular parts source, Scott Mockry, and he had a replacement
mirror in my hands the next day (west coast, your mileage may vary).  I just
pressed the mirror back onto the ring and away I went.

Unfortunately removal is not the same.  I talked to the previous owner of my
car, who broke several mirrors trying to remove them.  You need to pull them
evenly from the attachment ring.  I didn't have to remove a healthy one, but
I think you could string a couple of strips of fabric or thin string behind
the mirror, and pull it off the ring using those, pulling them evenly to try
not to damage either the mirror or the attachment clips.


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