[20v] Eibach Spring Install Question

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 11:10:19 PDT 2008

I've just recently gotten some Eibach Springs for my 1991' CQ.  I'm not sure
which one goes where.  There is a pair that's progressive and a pair that's
linear.  The progressive springs seem softer initially just putting my
weight on them.  Does anyone know which ones go in front?

I found an Old Audifans post that stated for a 4kq: " For what it is worth
fronts are progressive at 110 to 140 lb./inch and rears are linear at 140

I would guess that the arrangement is the same but I want to be sure.

Also, does anyone know the Spring Rates for the CQ Springs?  On inspection
they have the same number of coils on the Linear Set as the CQ Rears do, but
the CQ Stock Rears have a larger Wire-Diameter.  They also feel stiffer
which I found odd for a peformance spring.  I would have thought the Eibach
was stiffer.


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