[20v] Diagnostic Tools for the 20V 7A Engine

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Sorry for the double Post, Meant to reply to the original with proper Subject:
Only the later 7a's work with VAG-COM.  The early 7a does not work and you must use the LED tester outlined on 20v.org.

I have a 91' CQ that does work with VAG-COM.  Works OK, VERY Simplistic compared to the newer OBD-2 cars but you can get fault codes, clear them, do the output tests, and you can get realtime graphing of Throttle Position, RPM, Engine Load, CO Mixture, etc.

If you have a laptop, then I think its worth the $100 = $50 in connectors to use it.

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> Subject: [20v] Diagnostic Tools for the 20V 7A Engine
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> My better half offered to buy a diagnostic tool as
> appreciation for 
> keeping her 1990 90 20v on the road.
> Two options I found are Versatile Automotive Diagnostics
> (VAD) and 
> Ross-Tech. Neither show the 20V engine on their
> compatibility lists. 
> Ross-Tech said only 20V turbos from 1990 would work, and
> VAD was 
> unsure and non-committal. I've found two plug-ins under
> the carpet on 
> the driver side.
> Does anyone have experience using a diagnostic tool with
> this engine?
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