[20v] Power Stearing Leak???...I think

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 08:53:38 PDT 2008

I have Not pulled my PS Lines yet but I have noticed a few things on my CQ and did some investigation online and with friends.  I'll summarize what I know of the system .  The biggest problems here is that the PS lines are NLA  so you have to get new ones made.  I know there is a shop here in Spokane that can do them if you send them your old ones.  http://www.spokanehose.com/

1) Fluid used.  Use only Pentosin.  I use Pentosin 11s as do most others.  I'm not sure if 7s will work but really no reason to run it.  You can get this at the dealer $$$$$  or most online Audi/VW Supply houses.  Check 20v.org for more info.

2) Resevoir.  This should be fine but be careful when you pull the cap.  The long level stick inside is easy to break with the wireconnection connected so I would unplug it first.

3) Hose from resevoir to metal cooling pipe infront of AC Condenser.  This is an odd metric size.  I can measure it if you need but I think it was 14mm.  I got some bulk Metric Hydraulic Hose at the local Mercedes Benz dealer.

4) Pump.  If your pump is leaking Audi has a rebuild kit for it.  Sounds like yours is fine but if it does go you can still get the kit for it.  Attempt at your own risk or just buy a new pump from Meridian auto parts ir Similar.  I think when I checked it was about $250.00

5) PS Hoses from Pump to rack and rack return to Resevoir.
 - These are NLA.  As mentioned above you will have to pull yours and get them rebuilt.  There is a branch on them that goes down to the "Bomb" as well.
 - Pulling these hoses is apparently a real pain.  THe hoses connect to the rack right at the firewall, almost inside the firewall so there is no room to get to them.  Expect to use many variations to get them loose. I've heard a Crows Foot is very handy there.  For Access you'll want to remvoe some stuff like the Coolant Expansion Tank, Charcoal Cannister, etc.  Unless you ahve a lift and can get at it from underneath.
 - PS Rack.  If you ahve leakage on top of the Tranny then I doubt its jsut the lines that are leaking.  Sounds like your PS Rack may be leaking also.  I have not researched this but Meridian & I think Jorgen both sell rebuilt racks fora  few $$$ dollars.  In my personal opinion, if you have to replace the Rack you might as well do the lines at the same time and Vice Versa if you have the money and you value your time.  Might as well do both and not have to do the labor a 2nd time.

Hope that helps.

--- On Mon, 10/20/08, Tobin McKenna <tobinmckenna at yahoo.com> wrote:

> From: Tobin McKenna <tobinmckenna at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [20v] Power Stearing Leak???...I think
> To: 20v at audifans.com
> Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 11:13 PM
> After smelling something nasty burning while driving around
> in my girlfriends 20v '90 90, I found that there was
> some wetness on the firewall boot.  Same thing on the
> outside of the steering linkage as well.  Saw a little smoke
> coming from directly behind the engine, I'm guessing its
> all the same failure but it's all over the place and I
> cant tell where it's coming from.  Read something about
> special power steering hydraulic fluid...  I dont have a
> manual for it... $160 is a little steep for a project I
> don't know if I want to take on.  
> Advice?  Hard?... Easy?
> Any other sources for manuals worth anything that don't
> cost a s much?
> -tobin
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