[20v] Engine running rich when warmed up

Tobin McKenna tobinmckenna at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 23:19:27 PST 2009

Hey all,

My 20v is running really rich.  When it is cold it runs fine, but as the car gets warm (to the first dash on the gauge) it develops a shudder and bogged down performance when accelerating.  Exhaust smells of unburnt fuel.  
I've got new plug wires on it along with a new coolant temperature sensor (recommended by a audi/vw guy) to no avail.  The distributor rotor cap were replaced in '05...  

The service engine soon light will come on when it idles for a while and hot but does not stay on.  I am going to try to pull fault codes tomorrow but not sure it will pull anything if the light isnt on (thoughts?).  

I was thinking O2 sensor but with no service engine light?  I guess thats stupid, If the cars running poorly, its running poorly.  If the light was so smart it would be lit up all the time.  I dont need the light to tell me that.

Anyway, thanks in advance...


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