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Another thing to try.  I had a issue with the mass air flow meter ground connection.  This caused the car to run extremely rich.  I would go though plugs like crazy, and could not drive the car.  After ground was repaired, fuel mixture was fine.


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> I almost sounds like the fuel pressure regulator is working overtime and may not be
> regulating fuel properly to the rail - too much fuel pressure at idle. This is at least
> one possibility and has been seen before on the 7A.
> You definitely want to pressurize the rail with fuel whil not installed in the head
> (jumper pump on with relay, or just turn engine over to bump FP for a few sec.) and see
> if there is some sort of leak when engine not running.
> Be careful with fuel and put rail over large container to collect any spry or leak.
> Fire Extinquisher on hand!
> Ben
> [Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 22:56:17 -0400
> From: "Brett Fairbanks" <brettfairbanks at verizon.net>
> Subject: Coupe Quattro 20V Carbon Fouling Plugs
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> I can't seem to get my early build '90 Coupe Quattro project sorted so I can
> drive it. The car starts O.K. when cold, but doesn't want to idle. I've
> swapped in two other idle stabilizer valves, but they behave the same way.
> It seems like the car is choking on fuel. I've found fuel puddles in the
> intake and in the rubber intake boot. Checked spray patterns on the
> injectors when I installed new fuel injector seals and all the injectors
> were pulsing and spraying a decent pattern. I've tried to clean up all the
> vacuum leaks I could find. Air intake is unrestricted.
> The car will rev fine, but a little stumbly until it warms up. Makes good
> power underway, and the idle cleans up a little after it's hot. Still, as
> the plugs continue to foul, the idle situation degrades until the plugs have
> to be replaced. I have to put the pedal to the floor (flood clear mode) to
> get the car to re-start when it's hot.
> Any ideas? I'm getting frustrated as I need to be able to get this car on
> the road. Anyone run into this on their 20 Valve in the past? Any
> suggestions are truly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Brett Fairbanks
> Delaware, Ohio]
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