[20v] [s-cars] S6 no start fun

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
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OK - different car&engine, but symptoms involve common components.  Vag-Com can be used
to validate.

I have seen this exact phenom. on at least two other cars.  Hall signal goes out of
window when engine warm, but is in window when cold.  Sometime the exact opposite occurs
- car starts fine on hot day, but in cool weather, no start - hall signal out of window.

Usual culprit is timing belt slop and/or tooth off by one(or more).  Distributor was not
adjusted properly - dead middle of window when timing belt was replaced, or had slipped
a notch(not good).  

Fix is to properly locate TDC - use all means to verify TDC is dead on - Flywheel mark
needs to be right on,  crank pully may not be correct as thes can and do slip.  Verify
TDC by placing  long rod down #! Cyl and rotate engine by hand until rod rises to
topmost and then begins to drop again.  There is a point wehr the rod is all the way up
and stays for a few degrees of rotation  - you want the middle of this.  At this time,
timing mark should be clearly seen as dead on.

Then  re-mark the crank pully if need be to make it easier to find TDC.

Adjust timing belt by the book and then set distributor by the book.

Adjust belt for proper tension.

This is how I do it and works well.  Others/professionals/shops may have different


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Well, the 17 year old was had the S6 last night at his girlfriends and they made a run
to Chik-Fil-A .and the car wouldn't start when they tried to leave.  Conversation over
the phone was along the lines of " what's wrong?
It won't start.  What does it do?  It won't start.maybe it's the starter?
Does it turn over?  It won't start!"  SO I headed out.  And guess what?  It wouldn't

 He somehow couldn't relate that it turned over and cranked.and cranked, without any
weakness in the battery.  Nothing to see under the hood.  The new injectors weren't
leaking..no fuel smell.  Too hot an engine to do anything with, so I took them back the
the gf's house to kill some time and finally met the parents, after several months.

 Went back over about 90 minutes later and.it fired right up.  Possible culprits?  If it
was a coil pack or PSD, the thing would likely start and run crappy, right?  This took
down the whole thing, so I'm thinking higher up electrically or some fuel system issue
that was at work.  Warm evening, but cooler than it's been.  What do you think?  Am I
missing something obvious?

 He just said that he had to give it gas to get it started some mornings the past
week???  Never experienced that with the car before.  The starter is touchy after the
ignition switch failure that did not let the starter disengage for a while, but that
wasn't an issue last night when I tried to start it.  Just went out and the initial
crank was 'heavy', and then it spun up and started, but did seem to need gas to get
going.  First time it's done that for me.why do these things develop on every can he
drives??!  One week of driving him and his sister to and from school.

And of course, a Saturday night leaving Sunday to figure what it might be.
Please let me know your thoughts.  Been asking for help and awful lot lately.


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