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Scott Sierakowski audisscott at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 4 10:31:45 EST 2003

It actually reads In1, it's a service light for an oil
change.  It needs to be reset with a VAG tool or by
the dealer.  There is a procedure that I clipped from
Audiworld, give it a try and let us know if it works
on a 96:

When the dealer services your car, they are supposed
to reset the oil or service interval warning light
that comes on in place of your trip odometer when you
start your car.  It can be temporarily reset, by
pushing the odometer reset.  But when the ignition is
turned off, the service warning will reappear when you
restart your car. To reset it permanently, follow 
these instructions:  
Insert your key into the ignition. 
Push in the odometer reset button, hold it in, and
turn the key to the first click. 
The display should read either "oil" or "service" if
it does not, repeat steps #1 and #2. 
To reset, pull out your instrument light dimmer button
at the bottom of the tachometer. 
Turn the ignition to the off position. When the
ignition is turned back on, the display should be back
to the trip odometer. 

Note: This procedure has been confirmed on '98 and '99
model year A4's.



--- fury  <fury at undabelly.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I own a 96 A4 Quartto 2.8. Recently 1n1 started
> flashing where the trip milage should be. This only
> happens for a minute or so when I first start the
> car. Does anyone have any idea what that means?
> Thanks in advance for your time!
> Henry
> fury at undabelly.com
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