[A4] Heater Blower Motor replacement Question

Kevin Leslie kleslie at optonline.net
Thu Dec 4 12:59:48 EST 2003


Similar experience about a year ago.  I have a '96 A4 2.8Q as well.  Degree
of difficulty is probably a 5.0 on a scale of 10 (10 = leave it to a pro).
The most difficult part of the replacement is to be able to contort yourself
to reach the motor.  It's located behind the Glove Box.  I was able to
remove the Glove Box door.  I believe the hinge can be pressed/squeezed in
to allow the front to swing open and then you can remove it completely with
a screw driver removing 2 screws.

>From there, I believe I recall 4 bolts holding on the motor.  It is a little
challenging to get the right angle / tilt to remove and insert the new
motor.  I was able to find a used motor that had good bushings (or is that
brushes??) in the housing.   No one will rebuild these motors anymore - at
least not in my area.

Re: what docs might be helpful, I think I may have purchased a Bentley just
for that purpose but didn't find that I needed to consult it much, if at

When my motor began to fail it was a matter of several weeks to a month
before it became so intermittent and unreliable AND the weather became to
cold to endure it much more.

Good luck.

Kevin Leslie
Basking Ridge, NJ
96 A4 2.8Q
(nearing 150k!)

============ Previously, Shawn inquired, ============


Our 96 A4 2.8q was not blowing air ...

How difficult is it to replace the blower motor?

Are there any write ups that is should check out?


Shawn Olsen
Clarkston MI
96 A4 2.8q
95 S6 MTM
91 200q20v avant

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