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Agreed, I turned 25 on wednesday, and I'm now paying $973 Cdn (~$730 USD) a year for my S4 from $1827 (~$1370 USD).  I was paying ~$1700 for my '01 A4 1.8t, and I would be paying less than $900 if I hadn't switched car.  My deductibles are $1000/500 Cdn, so the rate should have been a little higher if I go with 500/500.  I have a clean driving record as well, no tickets what so ever, had one accident with my parent's car back in '96 and which has been cleared.  Mind you my rate is part of a group rate with my provincial engineering association, and it's known to be the lowest period.

Unfortunately you belong to the group with the highest accident rate, being a male under 25.  Just stick it out man and keep you record clean, you will be rewarded with a small break when you turn 23 I believe, and a big one when you turn 25.


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Sit tight until your 25th birthday and dont get any tickets or claims,they just jump at an opportunity to "adjust rates" regardless of age. I' ve got an 00 1.8T Avant,very complete and good coverage plus a million dollar umbrella, $655 per year. It is one of four cars and a home with the same provider.

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