[A4] RE: Water leak in an A4 - UPDATE

Sean Paul seanpaul at speakeasy.net
Fri Dec 5 11:26:22 EST 2003

Thanks all for the responses.  All signs point to the clogged drains in the engine compartment as the cause of water leaking into the rear passenger floor area (I guess through the vent system).  We had a huge rainstorm last night and no leaks!  

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> Subject:	Water leak in an A4
> My rear passenger floor had an inch of water in it recently 
> after a rain.  No leaks detected through the window or door 
> jambs, and only the floor was wet.  It's also very hard to 
> tell if it's still getting water - it's just hard to dry 
> thoroughly with no garage.  Ideas?
> Also of note the front compartment between the winshield and 
> where the engine is sealed off had standing water.  I did 
> unclog the holes there (one under the battery and one on the 
> driver side) and that water drained. I thought that might be 
> related but the mechanic says no, and it likely isn't related 
> to the heater core.

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