[A4] Re: Retrofitting Chorus II to 1998 A4

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Wed Dec 10 11:32:11 EST 2003

This may or may not apply to your situatio since I'm not sure if the bus
is the same, but I put a later model Concert CD player into my '97. All
of the basic controls and Bose connections lined up fine with no
changes needed. The illumination dimming on the Concert works off of
it's own light level sensors, so that works fine. In my case, the CD
changer pinouts were different (but I don't have a changer and don't
care). The radio information display in the instrument cluster doesn't
work because of the bus difference, but I don't really care about that
either (may be a simple wire/pin swap, may be completely incompatible,
I haven't investigated). The only thing of interest to me is that the
antenna booster power lead doesn't seem to be correct, based on the
crappy reception that I'm experiencing. I haven't had the time to go
back in and troubleshoot it, but it should be a simple wire/pin swap.

'97 A4 1.8T quattro

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Subject: [A4] Retrofitting Chorus II to 1998 A4
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I have a 1998 model A4 that is currently fitted with a Concert head unit
(and a CD changer); the volume control on this has unfortunately given
the ghost.

I am therefore exploring the possibility of retrofitting the car with a
Chorus II head unit; I am informed they are "better" than the first
generation Concerts.

Can anyone offer any advice / pitfalls to watch out for ? Specifically,
the absence of a CAN bus in the car present any insurmountable

Thanks in advance


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