[A4] a few questions on a new A4 3.0 Q.

michael dunston mdunston at music.vt.edu
Thu Dec 18 15:00:13 EST 2003

I have just purchased an '04 A4 q. and was wondering if I might ask
other owners a few questions regarding some questionable behavior.

the ambient lighting: according to page 76 of the manual, "ambient
lighting illuminates important controls" via the two red LEDs in front
of the sunroof knob and lights in the door handles.  The only lighting I
see at night anywhere near the door handles is the backlighting for the
lock/unlock switches.  Is there supposed to be a light somewhere near
the actual handle?  In addition, the two red LEDs in front of the
sunroof knob are very dim.  Even in total darkness I can only see light
output from them when my hand is within a few inches; any farther than
about six inches below the roof and I see no red light being cast.  Is
this normal?

the coming home/leaving home illumination feature:  the addendum manual
for this says that it should occur only when 'the vehicle is parked in
poor light or darkness with the sensors detecting little or no light at
all' yet it happened the first time I unlocked the car at 11 am this
morning. (it was overcast, but nowhere near 'poor light' or darkness)

Although the trunk does unlock with two taps on the remote 'unlock'
button, the 'trunk' button does not unlock the trunk. (either remote)
I am fairly certain this worked earlier in the week when I picked up the
car.  Has anyone experienced this?

Is there a way to get the clock do display 24-hour time?

I'm sure to have more questions, but thanks in advance for any
experiences and comments you can share.

michael dunston

(and its just now starting to snow outside here :)

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-- Michael Dunston
-- Music and Technology
-- <http://www.music.vt.edu>
-- Virginia Tech School of the Arts

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