[A4] Control arms\Tie End rods..

Quincy Chiang quincy.chiang at globalte.com
Fri Dec 19 10:56:48 EST 2003

I usually order my parts from Rod at TPC (www.thepartsconnection.com), they have some of the best prices I've found and they will match other places' prices.  Also they ship via USPS, that means no duty, all you pay is local sales tax and $5 handling charge when you go pick up the stuff from the local post office.

I've also bought parts from www.audiquattroparts.com, same deal as TPC.


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Just wondering, for the Canadian guys on here...
Where do you usually order your OEM parts from? or even aftermarket parts 
I'm lookin to replace the front control arms\tie end rods soon...where would 
be a good place?


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