[A4] ECU acting funny

Kevin Axel lexamk at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 11:34:26 EST 2003

My check engine light was on so I brought my car in and they replaced the EGR Frequency Valve and the Thermostat. However everytime they erased the codes 2 of them kept coming back. 4343 (evap purge valve) and 4312 (injectors). Thus my check engine light is still on. They said it looked like the battery had been shorted out at one time and that may have caused a problem or damage to the ECU. They said I may have to replace the ECU. Sounds kind of funky to me so I was wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this. 
I'm also wondering if there would be any problems if I were to purchase a used ECU and install it in my car? How close of a match does the donor ECU have to be to my car? 

Thanks Kevin 
1992 Audi 100s

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