[A4] airbag experience

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Nov 26 11:56:56 EST 2003

Not sure if my posts a couple weeks ago went through, because of the big server switch.  I thought I'd relate a recent experience:

My airbag light came on a while back.  I finally had the codes read by an Indie close to my house.  Said;[ Intermittent failure passenger side, resistance too high. ]  Many people informed this is usually due to a connector of some sort.  he talked to a dealer who said the bag needed to be replaced at $900 + labor, however he said he did NOT want to do that job, so I believe this _is_ what he was told.  I talked with my favored dealer who said they would never tell somebody that without seeing the car themselves.  So I'm sure the Indie talked to other local dealer who IMO has an inferior repair dept - they probably would autmatically say replace.  Anyway the good dealer looks at the car, acknowledges that it typically is a connector.  This time it's not they say; the bag in the passenger seat needs to be replaced.  Frustrated, I call Audi.  Long story less long, Audi pays for 50% parts and labor.  I'm not ecstatic because I think having to pay for the replacement of a 5-year old airbag is BS - it should not be a "wear item", however Audi could have said that my car was out of warranty - tough luck, thems the breaks.  But they didn't.  I'll give Audi some credit on this for helping.  Oh BTW the airbag was only $330 + labor, not $900 +, so my bill was only about $260.

'98 A4
'84 urq

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