lousy cheap wiring (Was: [A4] airbag experience)

Douglas Frank frank at zk3.dec.com
Wed Nov 26 12:59:30 EST 2003

What is it with Audi?  I've got ~96K on my A4 and so far:

  1. cruise control switch fails to make contact (corrosion-- and this is

  2. brake fluid resevoir lavel sensor wire fatigues in half at connector

  3. coolant temp needle wanders around, I bet it's due to varying
     resistance at connector

  4. let's start a pool: how long before an airbag light goes on in *my*

Brandon Rogers wrote:
 > I finally had the codes read by an Indie close to my house.
 > Said;[ Intermittent failure passenger side, resistance too high.

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