lousy cheap wiring (Was: [A4] airbag experience)

David M. Weprin dave at weprin.net
Wed Nov 26 13:19:13 EST 2003

Don't fret too much... at least it's mostly just wiring being the issue.
Wiring is cheap to fix in comparison to most mechanical problems.  I knew
that bad wiring plagued a lot of Audi cars when I went to buy one, but I've
been so used to Saturn's transmission crap-shoot game that faulty
electronics seemed trivial in comparison.

My Saturn's transmission threw portions of its pinion shaft through the bell
housing on three separate occasions by the time the car had reached 65k
miles.  At $2400 a pop (literally "pop" was the sound the transmission would
make when it self-destructed), the cost of changing over to an Audi was
justified.  I literally paid for the Saturn 1.5 times (it was purchased for
$12k, and the tranny broke three times at ~$2,400 for each repair).  When
you buy a Saturn, you either get a really good durable product, or a really
bad POS...  I've heard Dodge cars are that way as well.

I paid almost as much for that frikken Saturn as I'm paying now for my
beautiful Audi.  :-/


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What is it with Audi?  I've got ~96K on my A4 and so far:

  1. cruise control switch fails to make contact (corrosion-- and this is

  2. brake fluid resevoir lavel sensor wire fatigues in half at connector

  3. coolant temp needle wanders around, I bet it's due to varying
     resistance at connector

  4. let's start a pool: how long before an airbag light goes on in *my*

Brandon Rogers wrote:
 > I finally had the codes read by an Indie close to my house.
 > Said;[ Intermittent failure passenger side, resistance too high.

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