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Yup. This happened to me, too. It's a relatively easy fix. First drain your
washer fluid reservoir. An easy way to do this is to pull the lower grill
out of the bumper on the driver's or center section (sorry, can't remember
which) and disconnect the quick-disconnect fitting to the headlight washers.
Catch the resulting flood of washer fluid in a large bucket.

Then the hardest part: reaching and disconnecting the power wire to the
headlight washer pump motor. Trace the wire over to the connector which is
way over on the driver's side against the fender wall of the engine
compartment. It is tough to get your hands in there to get it apart.

Then just carefully pry the pump out of the reservoir. Don't lose the
gasket. Assemble in reverse order, re-fill the reservoir and go.

Remember, in order for the headlight washers to run the headlights must be
on, and the washer switch must be held on for at least 2 seconds. You might
want to enlist somebody's help to work the washer switch while you check and
see if the motor is running by placing your hand on it. You never know, it
could be running and the problem is elsewhere. This is unlikely, though.

Good luck,


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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 09:41:50 -0700
From: "Brandon Rogers" <brogers at terrix.com>

Hey guys-
my washers aren't working, again.  Had them repaired about a year ago, the
receipt said washer pump (~$37) + 1 hr labor  ($94!!!).  It looks like this
is just the pump on the section of the washer fluid reservoir to the inside
of the ABS unit.  Can anybody confirm?


'98 A4

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