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I've BTDT on the connectors, but unfortunately not the tensioner ones. I've
had to do the ones under the seat that connect to the side airbag, and
worse, I've had to do the main connector at the airbag controller, which is
a huge pain to get to.

I use the old style connector cleaner/lubricant (just like the old "TV tuner
cleaner") that I think you can still get at Radio Shack. Other people have
used one or more brands of the fancy stuff they sell for high-end stereo
fanatics under such brand names as "Tweak" and "Cramolin". Others have used
more industrial type products. Just spray it liberally and mate/de-mate the
connectors several times to help wipe the contacts against themselves to
remove the corrosion and oxidation.

I'm on the road right now for Thanksgiving so I can't look in my Bentley
manual to find the location of the tensioner connectors. Can anyone else
help out Peter with that?

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Brandon-It's been written more than once about how superbly our cars
are engineered. Not only are they mechanical marvels, they are economic
marvels as well, as the VAG engineers have managed to reduce the
quality/cost of the components and materials used to the point where
everything breaks exactly at 50K miles and thus keep the price point as low
as possible. Don't forget to put oil seals, hose clamps, control arms,
mirror laminations and a half a dozen other things on your list.

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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 12:42:19 -0500
From: "Peter Sward (TEC, Nashua)" <Peter.Sward at hp.com>

This reminds me that I have airbag light that's on as well. Indication
is drivers side seat belt tensioner. Does anybody know how to get to the
I strongly suspect a connector since after resetting the light it took a
while for it to come back on.

Anybody BTDT to fix the connections?


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