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Igor Kessel kbattpo at verizon.net
Fri Apr 16 19:19:11 EDT 2004

michael pagano wrote:

> I would agree on the Michelins. I picked up a GTI w/Pilot Sports and soon remembered why I dont buy Michelins, its like driving on bricks. I have had great experience with both Dunlop and Bridgestone. My former 00 1.8TQM Avant rode on Dunlop Sport 5000. Well over 40K miles of even wear with a lowered car. Fabulous in the wet,very good in dry, a quiet tire,rotated every 5K. The Bridgestones are on several VWs and they to seem to be very good all around tires with a consistent high quality. These are the 910s, quiet,comfortable,inexpensive...not a high performance tire.

Yeah, Michael, I hear you. The Michelin Pilots on my wife's car sucked 
so bad it was not even funny. Terrible on the dry, suicidal on the wet. 
And those bastards won't even wear out, that's how much soot and how 
little caoutchouc they had in their compound. Keep in mind folks that 
there is no free lunch when it comes to tyres. You either can have 
safety or you can have longevity. But not both.

I replaced them a month ago with the Dunlop SP9000 as my wife's summer 
tyres, right by the beginning of the summer season. In the past 10 years 
I wore out 4 sets of the Z-rated Dunlop SP8000 as my summer tyres and am 
very partial to this brand.

My own S6 rides in the summer on the W-rated Sumitomo HTR-ZII. Also 
highly recommend to consider those.

Please note that both of the above tyre brands are near suicidal in the 
snow, quattro or not. They dictate a mandatory dedicated winter set.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros in the stable,
the third one is in the works

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