[A4] Going rate for modified A4s?

michael pagano mvp12547 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 13:01:11 EDT 2004

Mods usually mean more to the owner than to the buyer. In some cases it could diminish the market for the car as some view a modded car as a hard run car. In some cases that is probably true but if you have records of maintenance and your car is obviously clean that shouldnt be a factor. An enthusiast is more willing to accept mods or even pay a bit more for a modded car than a non enthusiast. I have read a fair price for modded cars is the book value plus 40% of the cost of mods, parts only. That is probably a starting point. Audi can be a difficult sell, depending on where you live. I have owned and sold two A4s, one 97 2.8QM sedan and a 00 1.8TQM Avant. The 1.8 sold faster but still took 5 months to sell. I got $17,500 for it with 50K on the odometer and the balance of a 100K / 10 year warranty. That was what sold the car...the warranty. Both cars were pristine and had full maintenance histories. Both eventually sold to people who know me and how I maintain my cars.

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