[A4] Fog lens broken - need info

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Mon Aug 2 18:04:47 EDT 2004

I'd try a parts supplier in Europe.  Many times they are more keen to keep 
replacement lenses in stock.  Here in the states the solution many times is 
to get a new headlamp or foglamp.  There, they replace lenses all the time.

At 14:24 2004-08-02, Single Malt wrote:
>After spending some time detailing my wife's 2003 A4
>3.0 this weekend, I noticed that which she had been
>keeping from me ... "Oh that?  Yes, I'd been meaning
>to tell you ..."
>Her driver's-side fog lamp lens is smashed.  There are
>also a number of "bullet holes" from other debris
>making contact with the plastic insert in the lower
>bumper.  The plastic insert is still holding up
>visually, but the lens needs to be replaced to avoid
>moisture damage to the lamp.  It appears that the lamp
>is held in place by two torx or hex-type screws.
>I contacted my local dealer (apparently this part is
>only available through the dealer) and found that the
>entire assembly must be replaced ($120) ... not just
>the lens.  I was unable to get the part number, so ...
>A call to Dads dismantlers yielded that the part
>wouldn't go for less than 65% of dealer cost, add
>shipping to that and the cost would be closer to 75%
>of dealer retail ... also involves a wait for one to
>So I appeal to the wisdom of the list ... 1) What
>other options do I have for obtaining the part? and 2)
>Where might I find a repair procedure for this ... or
>do I just start loosening screws and bolts until the
>thing drops out?
>Single Malt
>'01.5 S4
>Garaged at 9200ft
>just outside Denver, CO
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