[A4] Fog lens broken - RESULTS

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 19:28:19 EDT 2004

Thanks to those who responded to my original post on
my wife's A4 3.0 fog lamps issue.  Here is what I
found out and ended up going with:

I found looking for a lens-only replacement to be too
difficult and aborted that avenue.  If anyone has any
specific sources on european companies that sell the
lenses separately, I would *love* to know them as I
suspect these lenses will be broken again someday ...
and I dislike replacing an entire subsystem when only
a small part is broken.

The car-parts.com site is a very nice resource to know
about.  I found three or four listings for the
fog/driving assembly.  One was very close to home, but
it was already sold.  Another was located in Michigan.
 They wanted $55. I will use this source again in the

The dealer quoted the wrong part the first time
apparently as the list price went down to $103 (hey! 
things ar looking slightly better!).  With our Audi
Club discount, the price dropped to $93.

The dealer had it in stock.  The car-parts.com lead
was for a used part that I had to rely on their idea
of "good condition" on.  I felt the dollar difference
for the risks involved (returns, wrong/damaged part)
weighed in the dealers favor.

I'll let you know what the install involved, but it
*looks* like the two fasteners visible at he front of
the unit are all that hold it in (although I am
*fully* expecting to have to dismantle the entire
front end to replace this ... isn't that the way it
always goes?).

BTW ... the new part uses a different lens material
(poly-carb, lexan??).  I've been told that the typical
"ston-gard" like materials are not recommended for
high heat lamps, so I hope the new material can hold
up to the projectile bombardment a little better than
the original glass.

Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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